Wickaboag Pond​​

Last Updated: 3/2018
      Wickaboag Pond is a great location for catching panfish during summer or through the ice in winter. White Perch are particularly abundant throughout the pond and can reach sizes that exceed 1 pound. Black Crappie and Yellow Perch are less numerous but can also reach considerable size. During spring and early summer, fishing for bass and Chain Pickerel is also quite popular.  Wickaboag Pond has produced Largemouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, Black Crappie, White Perch, Yellow Perch, and bullhead that meet minimum sizes for recognition by the Freshwater Sportfishing Awards Program.

      Aquatic vegetation is scarce with the exception of the northern tip of the pond which tends to be shallower. Shoreline development is extensive with summer cottages and year-round homes. As such, Wickaboag Pond can be very busy during the summer months.

Diversity in Paddling
      This paddle can be combined with the Quaboag River and/or the Brookfield River, Lake Lashaway, Quacumquasit Pond, and Wickaboag Pond.  We particularly enjoy paddling here because of all the flexibility available to the paddler.  If you want some place where you can explore a region on multiple days then this is a real opportunity.
       There is a certain placidness that effects us whenever we paddle these waters.  For the fisher the warm water species prevail allowing you to get lost in the cast and forget about time.  Let us know your experience.
Skill Level:  Class 1 - Flat water
Estimated Time:    1.5 hour
Total Distance:       4.5 miles
Nearest Address:  
{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DStartFragment%2D%2D%3ELakeview Ave, West Brookfield, Massachusetts 01585{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DEndFragment%2D%2D%3E
Position: 42-14.29 N 72-08.89 W  
 USGS Map: Warren, MA and North Brookfield, MA
A town owned beach and State paved boat ramp is located in the southeast corner of the pond. Parking for only 7 vehicles  for boat launching.  The rest are for the beach. There is also some limited shoreline access off Wickaboag Valley Road on the northeast corner of the pond. 
Physical Features
  • Area:                 320 acres
  • Max depth:         13 feet
  • Average Depth:   8 feet
  • Transparency:  water light brown in color with limited visibility.
  • Terrain Type: Wooded, Homes
Fish Population
  • Last survey 1995
  • 14 species: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, White Perch, Yellow Perch, Black Crappie, Pumpkinseed, Bluegill, Redbreasted Sunfish, Brown Bullhead, Yellow Bullhead, White Sucker, Golden Shiner, and Banded Killifish.

Put-In/Take-Out Directions ( 14.0 miles, 24 minutes):
From Exit 9 Sturbridge of the Massachusetts Turnpike (Rt. 90)
At the end of the ramp head southwest on I-84.
  1. At mile 0.8, take exit 3B to merge onto Route 20 West toward Route 131/Sturbridge/Palmer.
  2. Travel through Sturbridge and at mile 3.2, turn right onto Route 148 North/Brookfield Road.
  3. At mile 10.8, turn left onto Route 9 West/East Main Street.
  4. At mile 13.6, at stop light, turn right onto Cottage Street.
  5. At mile 13.9, turn right onto Lakeview Ave.
  6. At mile 14.0, turn left at brown boat access sign into the Town Beach and Boat Ramp area.
Lake Wickaboag Preservation Association

      The Lake Wickaboag Preservation Association (LWPA) is a non-profit, grass roots organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the water quality and surroundings of Lake Wickaboag.

  • All persons using the lake do so at their own risk. 
  • No hydroplanes or air-boats allowed except for official lake managing activities.
  • No boating or swimming allowed when solid red flags are displayed on lake (indicates lake is being treated for weeds or algae, or conditions are unsafe).
  • No speeding. Boat and personal watercraft (PWC) speed limits are as follows:
    • Daytime:   45 MPH
    • Nighttime:   5 MPH  (with a white light turned on, visible from all directions)
    • In “No Wake” Zones:  5 MPH  (within 150 feet of shore, in marinas, and channels)
  • No water skiing within 150 feet of swimmers, other water skiers, other boats, piers, rafts, divers, or shore (except when launching or returning to shore).
  • No towing skiers, boarders, or tubes without an onboard observer.
  • No operating a boat or jet-ski under influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • No swimming more then 50 feet from shore unless accompanied by a boat; and when accompanied, swimmer must stay within 25 feet of boat at all times.
  • The use of loud or profane language, or the playing of amplified music at excessive volume, shall be considered a breach of the peace.
  • No tampering with navigation buoys.
  • No boats engaged in fishing are allowed within 50 feet of piers or rafts, and a catch and release policy is preferred for all types of fishing on this lake.
  • No littering or polluting lake. Clean weeds off engine prop before launching, again when leaving, and dispose all in trash barrel near ramp, or on dry land away from lake.
  • All state and federal safe boating rules and regulations must be adhered to. The language here is simply a brief summary of some of those rules and does not replace the language of the actual laws and regulations as presented in Chapter 90B, MA General Law, 323 Code of MA Regulations, and 310 CMR 2.00, 3.00, 4.00.

For more information go to the website: 
State Pond Map