Whalom Pond

Last Updated: 3/2018
       The natural productivity of Whalom Pond is supplemented each spring with several thousand trout, primarily rainbows in the 12 to 14 inch size range. When available, this pond also receives brown trout. The pond has also been stocked with brood salmon since 1996, and will continue to get stockings of these magnificent fish whenever they are available.
      The low fertility of this lake is not conducive to a thriving warm water fish population. Large size bass are few and far between. The best angling is probably for trout, especially in the spring. Bluegills are large here, however, and will provide plenty of fun on light tackle. Ice-fishing for yellow perch should also be productive.

     Shore fishing is popular off the road running parallel with the western shore.


        This 99-acre lake is located three miles east of Fitchburg and three and a half miles north of Leominster. Mean depth is just less than 20 feet with a transparency of 17 feet. Aquatic vegetation is very scant over a muck and gravel bottom. 
Skill Level:  Class 1 - Flat water
Estimated Time:    1 hour
Distance around lake:  1.0 mile
USGS Map:  Fitchburg, MA

Physical Features:
  • Area:                 96.4 acres
  • Max depth:        48 feet
  • Average Depth: 20 feet
  • Transparency:   17 feet
  • Terrain Type:  Homes, Park, Beach, Urban
Fish Population
  • Last survey 1978
  • 7 species: yellow perch, largemouth bass, bluegill, pumpkinseeds, chain pickerel, yellow bullhead and killifish.
State Pond Map
Whalom Pond Launch
Position: 42-34.36 N 71-44.67 W​
Boat Launch:
Access for boat fishing is located at the northeast corner of the lake where a concrete ramp has been constructed. Adjacent to the ramp is a parking lot with a 10-car capacity. 
Nearest Launch Address:
1505 Main Street, Leominster, MA 01453
Put-In Directions (2.7 miles, 7 minutes):
From Exit 32 of Route 2 - Leominster/Lunenburg
  1. Head northeast on Main Street toward Mead Street crossing the Nashua River.
  2. At mile 2.4, turn right to stay on Main Street.
  3. At mile 2.5, almost immediately, turn left to stay on Main Street.
  4. ​At mile 2.6, arrive at the boat ramp.​
Plenty of paved parking.
This concrete ramp can handle most boat trailers.
Whalom Park
        Whalom Park was an amusement park located on Lake Whalom in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, that operated from 1893 to 2000. The site was redeveloped into a 240-unit condominium complex.
    Whalom Park was established in 1893 by the Fitchburg & Leominster Street Railway as a traditional, English-style park of gardens and walking paths. At the time of its last day of operations in 2000, Whalom was known as the 13th oldest amusement park in the United States, as well as the second-oldest trolley park in the world.[citation needed] The park had been in continuous seasonal operation for 107 years.
     The "Flyer Comet" wooden roller coaster was one of the park's best-known rides. Most remaining structures at the park, including the Flyer Comet, were demolished in October 2006, to make way for development.

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