Swift River Reach 2

Last Updated: 5/2018
 Upper Bondsville Dam to
 The River Mouth at Ware River

Upper Bondsville Dam to Lower Bondsville Dam
        I have paddled this section of the river and it is only for purest that want to paddle the entire river.  Bumping and scraping on algae covered rocks that are very slippery was my experience.  Be cautious of metal rebar and other pieces as you pass the remains of a mill on the right bank.
Lower Bondsville Dam to the mouth at the Ware River   
         We have never paddled this portion.  We suggest you find a good take-out at the end of the Ware River where it ends into the Chicopee River at the Bridge Street Bridge.  
        The distance from the mouth of the Swift River to the beginning of the Chicopee River is only 0.7 miles.  Use Chicopee River Put-In as a Take-Out

Skill Level:            Class 1
Estimated Time:    2 hours 
Distance:               3.9 miles
USGS Map:  Palmer, MA (7.5’x15’)
[1] Upper Bondsville Dam - Portage - Mile 3.9
Position: 42-13.13 N 72-20.45 W
{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DStartFragment%2D%2D%3EAltitude above dam: 356 feet
Altitude below dam: 349 feet
Boat Launch:
Take-Out above the barrier and chain-link fence on river-right.  Carry along the river for only 25 yards.  Put-In in the pool below the dam and fence.
Nearest Address:
3182 Main Street, Bondsville, MA
Put-In/Take-Out Directions (4.2 miles, 9 minutes)
  1. At end of the ramp, turn left at the stoplight onto Route 32 North towards Ware/Thorndike.
  2. Go under the Mass Pike.
  3. At mile 1.5, Slight left onto Stimson Street.
  4. At mile 2.7, turn left onto Gates Street.
  5. Make an immediate right onto River Street  then a immediate left onto Summer Street crossing over the Ware River.
  6. At mile 2.8, turn right onto Emery Street.
  7. At mile 4.1, pass the Bondsville Fire Station on your left.
  8. At mile 4.2, with the river is on your left, the dam will be just off the road.
Take out river-right just above the barrier and chain-link fence.
Put-In just below the dam and chain-link fence.
{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DStartFragment%2D%2D%3E[2] Lower Bondsville Dam Portage - Mile 3.2 to 3.1
River Street Portage
Position above Dam: 42-12.69 N 72-20.80 W
Position below Dam: 42-12.64 N 72-20.80 W
Altitude above dam: 335 feet
Altitude below dam: 328 feet
Boat Launch:
Portage around the DAM on the right (west) side.
You have to squeeze throught the fence gate.
Car top boat launch below the River Street Bridge.
Nearest Address:
195 River Street, Belchertown, MA 01007
Put-In/Take-Out Directions (3.7 miles, 8 minutes)
  1. At the end of the ramp turn left at the stoplight onto Route 32 North towards Ware/Thorndike.
  2. Go under the Mass Pike and at mile 0.8 at a stoplight, turn left on High Street towards Thorndike.
  3. At mile 1.2, make a slight right onto Church Street.
  4. It eventually becomes Pleasant Street.
  5. At mile 2.6, make a slight right onto Thorndike Road.
  6. At mile 3.0, you will come to a stop sign, make a slight right onto Palmer Street.
  7. It will become Main Street.
  8. At mile 3.6, turn right on River Street and cross over the Swift River.
  9. There is a small parking area next to a brick pumping station.  Park here and launch with difficulty across the street and down the bank.  There is no trail.​
The river drops about seven feet over this pretty stone dam.
Take out here near the top of the dam river-right.
Cross over River Street, over the guard rail, and down this trail to the Put-In.