Sheomet Lake
(aka Clubhouse Pond)

Last Updated:4/2018
        Brown bullhead, pumpkinseeds and white suckers dominate the fish population. Smallmouth bass, introduced fairly recently in the hope of providing a self-sustaining population, show evidence of reproduction and have good to excellent growth rates. Smallmouth numbers are still
low, however. Several good brook trout were sampled and there is evidence of successful carryover as several fish more than three years old were found.   (1993)
          Trout water could be found below eight feet in the deeper section of the pond near the dam and along the southwest portion over an area of several acres. The pond was reclaimed in 1959. The productivity at the time of reclamation was estimated at 41 pounds of fish per acre. 
         This is a small, 33 acre, infertile cold water pond located in Warwick State Forest 3.7 miles east of Route 78 and Athol Road. 
             This pond is characterized by brown water.   The bottom is muck and gravel and there are several small islands and rock outcrops.   Emergent aquatic vegetation covers approximately 10 percent of the surface area. The 1.1 mile or so of shoreline is undeveloped.

           If you are looking for a quiet remote place to spend a little time then you found the right place.  The forest and steep hillsides gives a natural beauty that will not be forgotten. 
Warwick State Forest
      Swimmers and anglers enjoy the beauty of the 33-acre Sheomet Pond, created by a dam on Tully Brook originally constructed around the time of the Civil War. There are no lifeguards, but there is a canoe launch area further along the road from the main parking area. The lake is also known as Clubhouse Pond, paying homage to a private sports club that once owned the land.


Skill Level:            Class 1 - Flat water
Estimated Time:    1 hour
Total Distance:      1.1 miles
USGS Map:  Mount Grace, MA (7.5’x15’)
Launch Address:   586 Athol Rd, Warwick, MA 01364

Position: 42-40.60 N 72-16.90 W    
Boat Launch:  
Access is off Athol Road to the right of the dam. An informal gravel launch area is suitable for trailer launching and an unpaved parking area can accommodate approximately 20 vehicles. 
Physical Features:
  • Area:                   33 acres
  • Max depth:          13 feet
  • Average Depth:    6 feet
  • Transparency:      6 feet
  • Terrain Type:  Woods, State Forest.
Fish Population
  • Last survey 1980
  • 8 species:  brown bullhead, pumpkinseed, white sucker, smallmouth bass, golden shiner, eastern brook trout, killifish, and American eel. 
From Route 2 -  Exit 15 ) Orange, MA  – (10.6 miles, 20 minutes)
  • At the end of the ramp take Route 122 North toward the center of Orange.
  • Cross the Millers River and Route 2A at mile 2.2.
  • At mile 6.2, turn right onto Wheeler Pond Road.
  • At mile 6.5, turn right on Main Street.
  • At mile 7.4, turn left onto Creamery Hill Road.  The Community Church of North Orange and Tully is on the corner.
  • At mile 8.4,  go slight left and merge onto Tully Road.
    Tully Road becomes Athol Road.
  • At mile 10.6, turn right at brown state park sign.  Travel down the gravel road to the parking area.

State Pond Map