Nine Mile Pond

Last Updated: 3/2018
            This pond offers good fishing for an assortment of warm water species. The bass population appears too heavily fished, but we did find individual fish from legal size to over 20 inches.  Panfishing should be excellent, as the pond contains many large sized white perch. No trout are stocked here. 

         The water is light brown in color and the bottom is predominantly mud. Aquatic weeds are moderate throughout, most abundant in the southern cove.
         Approximately 80% of the shoreline is developed. Boat access is over a dirt beach located at the eastern end of the lake. Shoreline access is limited to the boat launching area. Recreational use is high during the summer and includes swimming, boating, and fishing. 

Why call a pond Nine Mile Pond?
      The Outward Commons remained unsettled until 1730 when Nathaniel Hitchcock came from Springfield to clear and seed and build a cabin, returning to Springfield for the next winter.  When Hitchcock settled in Wilbraham with his wife in May of 1731 their nearest neighbors were nine miles away in Springfield. Tiring of the nine mile journey to weekly worship, 24 pioneers eventually petitioned Springfield to set off the area as a separate precinct in 1740. In 1741, the “Outward Commons”became a separate parish—the Fourth District of Springfield.  The area remained this way until 1763 when the Governor set the Fourth District—with the addition of a half-mile strip west of the Newbury Line—into a separate town by the name of Wilbraham.
  • Skill Level:            Class 1 - Flat water
  • Estimated Time:    1 hour
  • Total Distance:       1.2 miles
  • USGS Map:  Ludlow, MA (7.5’x15’)
  • Launch Address:   2665 Old Boston Post Rd, Wilbraham, MA 01095
  • Position:   42-09.06 N 72-25.92 W
  • Boat Launch: Boat access is next to beach.
Physical Features:
  • Area:                  30 acres
  • Max depth:         22 feet
  • Average Depth:  11 feet
  • Transparency:     feet
  • Terrain Type: Homes
Fish Population
  • Last survey 1978
  • 11 species.  largemouth bass, white perch bluegill pumpkinseed, red-breasted sunfish, yellow perch, black crappie, white sucker, yellow bullhead, golden shiner and banded killifish.
Put In and Take Out: 4.0 miles, 9 min.
From Exit 7 US Route 90 (Mass. Turnpike) Ludlow
  • At the end of the ramp, at the stoplight, turn left on Route 21 South.
  • Follow route 21 into Ludlow and over the Chicopee River. 
  • At mile 1.0, just over the river at the stoplight turn left onto Main Street.
  • At mile 1.3, turn left at the stoplight on Route 20 East. Page Blvd.
  • At mile 1.8, at the stop sign at the end of the road, turn letf on Old Boston Road.
  • ​Pass over the railroad tracks to the stoplight at mile 2.5, turn left onto Route 20 East/Boston Rd/Boston Post Rd.
  • Follow Route 20 East.
  • At mile 4.0, pull into a pull over near the town beach.  Launch your car top boat there.
State Pond Map
Parking is Roadside
Gravel Boat Ramp