Moores Pond

Last Updated:4/2018
        Much of the pond’s biomass (52.5%) is tied up in white suckers. Pickerel growth is very slow and legal size fish are not numerous. The largemouth sample was inadequate to evaluate this species. Yellow perch are the best bet for panfishing. Black crappie is scarce, while pumpkinseeds are numerous. Trout water is 21% by volume.  (1993)
        This is a small, 31-acre, cold water pond.  The pond is extensively used for boating and swimming and much of the shoreline is private property.  
       The pond is characterized by brown water.  The bottom is mud and silt and the one-mile of shoreline is 65% developed. There are 16 residential dwellings.  Aquatic vegetation is very heavy at the northern end of the pond. 
Skill Level:            Class 1 - Flat water
Estimated Time:    1 hour
Total Distance:      0.9 miles
USGS Map:            Mount Grace, MA (7.5’x15’)
Physical Features
  • Area:                   31 acres
  • Max depth:          24 feet
  • Average Depth:   13 feet
  • Transparency:     16 feet
  • Terrain Type: Homes, Woods, Wetlands in the north.
Fish Population
  • Last survey 1980
  • 13 species:  pumpkinseeds, white sucker, golden shiner, yellow perch, creek chubsuckers, largemouth bass, white perch, chain pickerel, bluegills, brown bullhead, black crappie, brook trout and rainbow trout. 

Moores Pond Launch
Position: 42-39.44 N 72-20.97 W ​
Boat Launch:
Access is an informal right of way provided by the town of Warwick on the northwestern shore off Wendell Road. It is suitable only for car top boats and canoes. Outboard motors are restricted to 10 horsepower or less.  Roadside parking only.
Nearest Launch Address:
318 Wendell Road, Warwick, MA 01378
Put-In Directions (5.4 miles, 14 minutes):
From Route 2 in Erving, MA 
  1. Traveling East on Route 2 from Erving, Ma.
  2. Make a slight right onto Route 2A East Orange/Warwick
  3. Pass under Route 2 and at mile 0.6 turn left onto Moss Brook Road.  It will become Wendell Road.
  4. At mile 2.5, Wendell Road makes a sharp right turn.​
  5. At mile 5.2 the south end of the pond will appear on your right.​

  6. ​At mile 5.4 arrive at the informal launch at the northwest side of the pond.
The launch is partially paved off a paved road.
A view from the ramp.
State Pond Map