Millers River Reach 7

Last Updated: 3/2018
Arch Street Bridge Erving to Mouth of Millers River
              This final reach of the Millers River is primarily whitewater.  It can only be navigated in the spring when the water is high.  Late March, April , and occasionally in May the river level may be high enough.  Good river levels are 3.40 - 5.44 feet.  Later in the year it is bump, scrape, and drag because to low levels.  A level below 2.85 feet is too low.  Use the button below to check:
Skill Level:            Class 2, 3 and 4 in Spring. 
Estimated Time:    3 hours
Distance:               8.2 miles
USGS Map: Greenfield, MA  and Orange, MA 

01166500 MILLERS RIVER AT ERVING, MA            Mile 5.8
Cabot Camp
      The camp is currently owned and used by Northeast Utilities.
    Cabot Camp, located on East Mineral Road, in the town of Montague Mass. is a site with a rich and extensive history. It is known as Cabot Camp by most of the local residents because one of the most recent owners, Phillip Cabot of Boston, Mass., who used it as a summer retreat. Many residents are unaware of the many other owners and site uses preceding Mr. Cabot.
        Records dating back to 1799 tell of a dam and a sawmill located at the mouth of the Miller's River. Evidence can still be seen to this day of a lock cut in the rock outcropping at the northeast corner of the site. This channel was created to turn the paddle wheel that powered the sawmill. Evidence of drilling can still be seen in the rocks. Furthermore, just to the west of the rock outcropping exists the remains of a field stone foundation, most likely that of the sawmill.
       Many old newspaper clippings tell of frequent log drives down the Connecticut River, and that East Mineral Road, formerly Old Stage Road, served as a major interstate trade route. The original buildings at Cabot Camp served as a toll house and carriage house for travelers along this road as well as the Connecticut River. Some evidence points to a possible tavern on or near the site owned by the Durkee family. The neighboring property to the west was the original gatekeepers lodge. This is where the "river rats" and stagecoach drivers would often stop for the night. Many of the names that surfaced in the research can be found in the old cemetery just up the road. This unique site, being located at the junction of the Connecticut and Miller's Rivers, and south of the French King Gorge is a historic site that desperately needs formal recognition as such in order to preserve its charm and character.
Historic Time Line and images of purchase agreements
Cabot Camp
Carriage House at Cabot Camp
      The first 1.4 miles is Class 2 and 3 waves but can be relatively smooth compared to what is to come.
      At Mile 5.8 you will pass under the Bridge Street bridge.  In a pinch you can always pull out here. The USGS Gauge is just past the bridge on river right.  At mile 5.6 there are three small islands that may be underwater as the river turns right.
    From here down to the Route 2 Rest Area, at mile 3.8, you will encounter Class 3 rapids, two islands (pass left), and one big class IV in the middle called the Funnel. There is a small gorge that restricts the flow of water and can create some large waves.  The Rest Area is used by some as a Take-Out.
      I suggest you paddle to the mouth unless you intend to repeat this area more than one time in a day.
    The remainder of the paddle is manageable Class 2 with one Class three as the river turn right and over a ledge.  
       East Main Street bridge is at Mile 2.0 followed by a railroad bridge and then Bridge Street bridge in Millers falls at mile 1.75.  The river turns right going northward at mile 1.4.
       Next two islands, one large to be passed to the right at mile 1.0.  Lastly you will pass under the old steel bridge which only takes foot traffic before entering the Connecticut River.  Pull over on your left at Cabot Camp at a small beach and carry your boat up the path.

Steel Bridge near Cabot Camp
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Arch Street Bridge - 8.2
Position: 42-35.91 N 72-24.16 W
Boat Launch:
There is parking for at least 10 vehicles.  Only car top launch.
Nearest Launch Address:
Arch Street, Erving, MA 01344
Put-In Directions (7.1 miles, 10 minutes):
From Route 2 at the French King Bridge
  1. Travel East on Route 2 into the town of Erving.​​
  2. At mile 7.0, turn right onto Arch Street.
  3. At mile 7.1 park near the bridge described below.​
Arch Street Bridge - Put-In Trail on right before bridge
Arch Street Bridge - Put-In Trail
Arch Street Bridge - View of Put/In from Bridge
     Here is what Crab Apple is saying about the lower Millers River:

     We run the Millers River on special dam releases and natural flows from the Spring thaw. Early April flows yield non-stop Class II-III-IV action punctuated by "The Funnel" and "Tsunami" rapids. Later in April the Millers often runs for a Class II-III intermediate trip. This trip has action from beginning to end with long, continuous rapids and only short breaks as we float behind active and historic mill sites. This trip is tough to beat for continuous action!

        For more information about guided trips click below:
Crab Apple Whitewater Inc.
Cabot Camp near Steel Bridge - Mile 0.0
Position: 42-35.79 N 72-29.78 W
Boat Launch:
Park in the parking lot across the street. Take out at the small beach out on the point.  Take the path next to the house that leads down to the water.
Nearest Launch Address: 
186 East Mineral Road Millers Falls, MA 01349
Take-Out Directions (3.9 miles, 9 minutes)
From Route 2 at the French King Bridge
  1. Travel east onRoute 2 and at mile 0.6, turn right​​ on River Road.
  2. At mile 1.2, River Road turns left and becomes Pratt Street.
  3. At mile 1.4, Turn right onto Lester Street. 
  4. Go a short distance a turn onto and over the bridge on Bridge Street.
  5. At mile 1.6, turn right onto West Main Street. 
  6. At mile 1.7, Continue onto Millers Falls Road.
  7. At mile 2.4, turn right onto East Mineral Road.
  8. Continue on this road to the end.
  9. At mile 3.8, arrive at Cabot Camp and parking.

Parking for Cabot Camp
Cabot Camp - Trail to Take-Out