Littleville Lake

Last Updated: 3/2018
      The Littleville Lake is located on the middle branch of the Westfield River in Huntington Massachusetts and is part of the network of flood control dams on tributaries of the Connecticut River.  Littleville Dam is operated in close coordination with nearby Knightville Dam which is located on the East Branch of the Westfield River. Together, these two dams reduce flooding along the Westfield and Connecticut Rivers. Situated in the scenic Berkshire Hills, hikers and sightseers can enjoy wandering along the old cart roads that run on both sides of the lake.
        Every spring, water releases at Littleville Lake are coordinated with those from nearby Knightville Dam to provide challenging flows for the annual Westfield River Wildwater Canoe Races.
         The cold, relatively sterile water in this lake limits the fishing pretty much to trout.  The dominating yellow perch are of small average size as are the pan fish.  Bass are also limited because they don’t grow well in this environment.
    Swimming and camping are prohibited at Littleville Lake because the lake serves as a backup water supply reservoir for the city of Springfield, Massachusetts.
      Launch at the southern boat ramp and paddle across the lake to the west.
      There is a log and barrel barrier that prevents approaching the dam.  This area is strictly enforced so do not attempt to cross this barrier.  You can paddle along it!
      Travel northward along the lake.  Because of the large amount of protected land, there is a sense of wilderness as you get further from the dam. 
      Pay close attention to the sky and you will be rewarded with predatory birds like bald eagle, hawks, and turkey vultures.  You may see blue heron along the shores.
       If you are traveling early in the day or near sunset, the shore is an opportunity to see other wildlife.  Deer, raccoon, skunk, and other small mammals approach the shores for water and food.
Pull over and take a short hike where a trail meets the water.  It is especially nice on a warm sunny summer day.
      As you approach the north end of the lake, you may first see shore side fishers.  Access to fishing from shore is limited to the north and south ends.
       The Lake become s a small river with an outlying marsh.  You will need to find the main channel  because any other area is only inches deep and will have a lot of vegetation as summer progresses.
        The alternate put-in has a dirt parking lot just like the last part of the approach road on the west (left) side.
The lake becomes rocky and then turns into a stream.  Continuing is limited by low water.  In high water conditions you may be able to travel several hundred yards.  The rocks in this small river are excellent places for a lunch.
      Return to the south following the east side.  Even in a strong westerly wind, you should be able to get some shelter by staying close to shore.
     Gravel shoreline is prevalent with small coves and   hillsides are less steep compared to the west side.
     Enjoy the paddle and travel back to the boat launch.
Skill Level:            Class 1 - Flat water
Estimated Time:    2 hours
Total Distance       4.8 miles
USGS Map: Chester, MA (7.5’x15’)
Federal Boat Ramp:
    Address: 44 Goss Hill Rd, Huntington, MA
    Position: 42-16.13 N 72-52.80 W
North Car-top Launch:
    Address: 1 Kinnebrook Rd, Chester, MA
    Position: 42-17.63 N 72-53.98 W    
Physical Features:
  • Area:               252 (or 275) acres
  • Max depth:        86 feet
  • Average Depth:  34 feet
  • Transparency:    17 feet
  • Terrain Type: Wooded, No homes, backup water supply
Fish Population
  • Last survey 1980
  • 8 species:     Yellow perch, large mouth bass, pumpkinseed, brown bullhead, golden shiner, white sucker and stocked rainbow and brown trout. 
  • From US Route 90 (Massachusetts Turnpike) take exit 3 Westfield. 
  • At the end of the ramp turn right at stop light on Route 202.
  • Travel into the “Whip City” crossing the Westfield River.
  • At 1.5 miles, turn right onto Route 20 West.
  • Travel on Route 20 West through Westfield past Woronoco and through Russel.
  • At 13.4 miles in Huntington, turn right on to Route 112 North.
  • Follow Route 122 North and turn left at 14.7 miles onto Littleville Road.
  • Pass the Gateway Regional High School and Cemetery on left. 
  • At 15.5 miles, turn right on Goss Hill Road crossing stream.
  • At 16.2 miles turn left at the sign “Littleville Lake, US Army Corps of Engineers”.
  • Follow to 0.3 mile to boat ramp. (16.5 miles total)
NORTH Alternate Put-In/Take-Out
  • Canoes may be launched at the upper end of the reservoir in the Dayville Area.
  • From Route 20 right turn on to Route 112 go 6.9 miles total.
  •  After crossing the railroad, turn left on Basket Street.
  • At 0.4 miles ,follow along the river bear left on Old Chester Road
  • 1.7 miles it bears right and become Cook Hill Road and then becomes Skyline Trail in Chester.
  • At 4.2 miles turn right on East River Road.
  • At 6.2 miles turn right on Kennebrook Road
  • Pass entrance sight and reach launch at 6.9 miles.
SOUTH  Put-In/Take-Out
       The Huntington Access Area provides a boat ramp and parking area for easy access to the lake for fishing. Motors on boats, however are limited to a maximum of 10 horsepower. Portable restrooms are available during warm weather.  A small picnic area with tables is available just below the dam.  The Army Corps of Engineering are a class act. 
State Pond Map
Army Corp of Engineers  Littleville Lake
The View Looking North
The Dam
Paved Boat Ramp
The Dam Barrier