Hoosic River Reach 8

Last Updated: 5/2018
        Skill Level:            Class 1 
        Estimated Time:  1 to 1.5 hours.
        Distance:               3.6 miles
        USGS Map:  North Pownal VT
Indian Massacre Road Bridge to
                                                   Rock Cut Access

Mile 33.3 - Green Road and Indian Massacre Road Bridge Launch.

       This section is a lazy slow moving water section.  If it is early spring you find it high and more challenging but the rest of the year it is a quiet almost still water section of the river.  Bring a fishing pole and relax on a summer day.  There are numerous sandbars that you can pull over and sun yourself.

Mile 29.7 - Rock Cut Access is one of the easiest launch sites with plenty of room on a sandbar to handle your boat.  This popular fishing, swimming, and picnicking area belongs to the Hoosac School and is maintained by the Town of Hoosick.
[2] Rock Cut Access - Mile 29.7
Position: 42-51.67 N 72-20.45 W
Boat Launch:
This is a unmarked gravel road south of the parking area on Route 22.  Drive the short distance to the river and launch or take out on the sand bar.  Use the paved parking lot for your vehicle .
Nearest Address: 
21844 New York 22, Hoosick Falls, NY 12090
Put-In Directions ( 0.7 miles, 2 minutes)
From the stop light intersection of Route 7 and Route 22 in NY State.  A Stewart Shop is on the corner.
  1. Head northeast on Route 22 North/NY Route 7 East toward Pine Valley Road.
  2. At mile 0.3, turn left following Route 22 North toward Hoosic Falls.
  3. At mile 0.7, arrive at unmarked gravel road.
If you have trouble finding this unmarked road, find the paved parking lot and then go south on Route 22 a short distance.
[1] Green Road and Indian Massacre Road Bridge Launch - Mile 33.3
Position: 42-49.60 N 73-19.31 W
Boat Launch:
Informal car-top launch. 
Nearest Address: 
332 Indian Massacre Rd, Petersburg, NY 12138
Put-In Directions ( 11.1 miles, 16 minutes)
From the intersection of Route 7 and Route 2 in Williamstown, MA.  The Oval Traffic Circle.
  1. Take Route 7 North. Pass over the Hoosic River and across the state line into Vermont.
  2. At mile 4.2, turn left onto Vermont Route 346 North.
  3. At mile 8.8, cross the New York State Line.
  4. At mile 10.8, turn right onto Green Road.
  5. Cross over railroad track and the bridge over the river.
  6. At mile 11.1, pull over after crossing the bridge.  Informal launch on up stream side of the bridge.
A view from bridge looking down stream.
A view from the bridge looking up stream.
The Brimmer Massacre in 1755
               During the French and Indian War, the settlers in the Hoosick Valley were burned out by war parties on their way to and from Massachusetts. They always had to be on the lookout for the enemy. Mr. John G. Brimmer was at work in his fields with his three sons. Finding an Indian blanket, the father told his sons to get the horse team and head to the main house. As Jeremiah mounted his horse, he was struck by a fatal bullet. Godfrey and Jonathan immediately seized their guns and ran to a brush fence. The Indians found them and after a very short battle, the two sons were captured. 
         The two boys were marched to St. Johns, Canada. As they were about to be killed, they were spared when an old Indian hunter recognized them as the family that helped him when he was in the Hoosick area. Six weeks later, they were sold as slaves to French officers. After the fall of Quebec in 1759, the boys escaped but were captured by the British near Fort Ticonderoga. Patroon Stephen Van Rensselaer obtained their release. They made their way to Albany and then to their family living in Rhinebeck-on-the-Hudson. The family moved back to the valley where a branch of the family lived for 200 years before the farm was sold. The seven generations were listed with name and birth year by Mrs. Sweet. 

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