Housatonic River Reach 17

Last Updated: 4/2018
 Candlewood Power Plant to
                    Young Field Launch, New Milford

Candlewood Power Plant to 
                             Kent Road (Route 7) Bridge Put-In/Take-Out
         The water at the plant can be a quick Class 1.  Use care if the plant is discharging water because of turbulance. 
        There are two areas that can be Class 2 rapids but they are quickly followed by flat water paddling.  If you intend to take out at the Kent Road bridge, keep to river right as you approach the bridge.  It is class 2 rapids under and down river of the bridge in spring.  Later in the year, it can be bump and scrape.

Kent Road (Route 7) Bridge Put-In/Take-Out to
                                                          Boardman Road Bridge

         This 4.7 miles stretch is an easy paddle most of the year passing islands with occasional quick water.  Enjoy the beauty of the river.  Here is a description:

Mile 51.0 - an island on river left.  Stay in the main section of the river.  The next 1.5 mile is mostly straight and easily navigated.
Mile 48.5 - a short Class 2 rapid.
Mile 47.7 - at low water there is a rock garden to navigate, at high water it is probably too deep to notice.
Mile 47.3 - Large Island - pass on river right.
Mile 46.8 - Island - pass on river right though either side will work.

Boardman Road Bridge to
                                       Young Field Launch in New Milford

Mile 46.1 - Island river left.  Pass on river right.  This section of river is flatwater.
Mile 45.3 - A power plant may be discharging in river right. Give it a wide berth.
Mile 44.9 - Keep the sandbar to your right by hugging the left shore.
Now keep river left to make an approach to the Young Field Launch.  Remember, it is up river if the bridge.
      Skill Level:            Class 1 
      Estimated Time:    3 hours
      Distance:               8.1 miles
      USGS Maps: Kent, CT and Dover Planes, NY-CT

[3] Boardman Road Bridge - Mile 46.5
Position: 41-35.58 N 73-27.02 W
Boat Launch:
Informal car top launch.  There really is no easy path or launch area.  It is possible to use this area.
Nearest Address: 
300 Kent Road, New Milford, CT 06776

The old bridge closed off.
Launch off this grass area downriver of the bridges.
[1] Candlewood Power Plant Put-In - Mile 52.1
Position: 41-39.50 N 73-29.53 W
Boat Launch:
2.2 Mile from Bulls Run Parking Lot to Power Plant.
Nearest Address: 
838 Kent Rd, Gaylordsville, CT 06755

Put-In Directions ( 1.6 miles, 3 minutes)
From the intersection of Bulls Bridge Road and Route 7 in Kent.
  1. Take Route 7 South.
  2. At mile 1.5, pass a tall light yellow building on your left.
  3. At mile 1.6, across from Grove Road, turn right down the paved driveway for the Power Plant.
  4. Launch or Take-Out just down river of the plant.
Gravel parking area for car top launching.
Candlewood Power Plant
[4] Young Field Road Launch - Mile 44.0
Position: 41-34.56 N 73-24.91 W
Boat Launch:
This is now a well constructed car top launch area at the end of a new multi-use New Milford River Trail.  Parking is across the street next to the park.
Nearest Address: 
4 Youngfield Road, New Milford, CT 06776
A well constructed easy launch area.
A view of the Veterans Bridge just down river.
[2] Kent Road (Route 7) Bridge Put-In - Mile 51.2
Position: 41-38.80 N 73-29.00 W
Boat Launch:
The turn for access is unmarked.   Just south of the river crossing turn into the driveway that goes down steeply to a gravel large parking area.  Launch where it is easiest based on river level.
Nearest Address: 
695 Kent Road, New Milford, CT 06755
Down river side of the Route 7 Bridge.
Gravel parking area for car top launching.
Young Field
        An active recreation area which offers a skate park, tennis courts, basketball court, tot lot playground, pavilion, and multi-use athletic fields. A kayak ramp is located across the street on the Housatonic River. For the latest information click below:
Young Field
New Milford River Trail 
        The New Milford River trail currently extends for 5 miles from the Boardman Road entrance to Gaylordsville.  It runs for 1½ miles on a crushed, gravel surface through Sega Meadows Park, where it joins the unpaved and lightly-trafficked River Road, and  continues for another 3½ miles to the center of Gaylordsville.
        This is just Phase 1 of a proposed 13-mile trail that we hope will follow the Housatonic River south through downtown New Milford all the way to the town border with Brookfield.
Click below for more information:
River Trail
Trail Map