The Housatonic River
Covered Bridges and Dams

Last Updated: 2/2016
Three Covered Bridge

        There are twenty dams on the Housatonic River.  Twelve of them are in Massachusetts and eight in Connecticut.  The following table has their locations.
Sheffield Covered Bridge (Mile 97.2)

The covered bridge was built in 1854 on the left bank of the Housatonic river and rolled out and anchored to position over the water on the abutments.  It used a structural lattice truss of crossed members. The lattice boards wee pinned to place with wooden pegs called "trunnels.
       One hundred years after the bridge was built some timbers and framework were replaced and completely new siding was placed on the north side.  In 1967 the capacity was limited to three tons, and in 1974 the bridge was closed to all vehicular traffic.
       Extensive authentic restoration was carried out in 1981 by Milton Grafton of Ashland N.H and was engineered by David Fischetti.
        In the early morning of August 13, 1994, the venerable bridge was burned to the ground by a miss guided youth!
         After the fire, the Town of Sheffield sought outside assistance with rebuilding its famous landmark.  Northern New England craftsmen set about recreating the bridge at the same site using the same design, and in 1999 the bridge was complete.  The foundations of its abutments were quarried from the same site in Sheffield as some of the marble used in the Washington Monument. 

Hinsdale Dam
Dalton Dam 1
Dalton Dam 2
Dalton Dam 3
Dalton Dam 4
Pittsfield Dam
Lee Dam 1
Lee Dam 2
South Lee Hulbert Plant
Glendale Power Plant
Rising Pond Dam
Broken Down Dam
Great Falls Dam
Bulls Bridge Dam 1
Bulls Bridge Dam 2
Bleacher Dam
Shepaug Power Dam
Stevenson Dam
Derby Dam
Lenoxdale Dam in Spring
West Cornwall Covered Bridge (Mile 72.0)

       The West Cornwall Covered Bridge (earlier bridge named  Hart Bridge) is a wooden covered lattice truss bridge carrying the Sharon-Goshen Turnpike over the Housatonic River in the town of Cornwall, Connecticut. Records indicate that a bridge may have been in place in this location as early as 1762. A previous bridge was destroyed in the flood of 1837 and a new bridge was constructed in 1841. This bridge would also be destroyed and the current bridge would be completed circa 1864. Utilizing the central pier from the previous incarnation, despite theTown lattice being able to withstand the weight and single span, the bridge has two spans. The later addition of queen trusses and supports gives the bridge an unusual appearance. Modernization of the bridge in 1968 and 1973 has continued to let the bridge handle traffic.
West Cornwall Bridge
South Lee Hulbert Paper Plant Dam (owned by ONYX Paper)
Rising Paper Plant Dam
Bull's Bridge (Mile 54.7)

       This is a single-lane wooden covered bridge across the Housatonic River in the town of Kent, Connecticut.  The first instance of a bridge at this location was constructed by Jacob and Isaac Bull in 1760, which gave the bridge its name. Popular legend suggests that George Washington crossed the bridge with the Bull's assistance while still under construction. The current bridge was built in 1842 from timber, with additional supports added in the 19th and 20th centuries. Built with a Town lattice design, the bridge has reinforced trusswork visible on the interior. At the time of its nomination to the National Register of Historic Places the roof had wood shingles. It is historically significant as one of three surviving covered bridges in Connecticut, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.
Bull's Bridge
Rising Paper Mill
          Rising Paper Mill is a historic factory at 295 Park Street North, in the Housatonic village of Great Barrington, MA.
         The mill was built in about 1873 for H.D. Cone, and was at the time the largest paper factory in the world. Stone for its foundations was quarried at nearbyMonument Mountain.   It was listed on the National Historic Register of Historic Places in 1975.
         In 2008, the facility was purchased by Hazen Paper, which announced plans to manufacture multi-ply laminated paper for packaging.
Great Falls Dam the rest of the year
Great Falls Dam during Spring Flood Stage