Forge Pond

Last Updated: 3/2018
The pond is primarily a pickerel pond, but largemouth bass do fairly well here. There is a large forage base of large golden shiners, which is reflected in above average growth rates of bass. Pickerel display below average growth rates. Forge Pond was stocked with northern pike fingerlings in 1987, so there is always the possibility of hooking one of these big predators. (1993)
SPECIAL NOTE: If you plan to paddle in August or later in the year, expect to be paddling through weeds.  Much of the pond may be unreachable.
NOTE from the Granby Bylaws:
The use of an internal combustion engine to power a boat of any type shall be prohibited on Forge Pond, Aldrich Lake, Dufresne Pond and all parts of the Bachelor Brook and Stony Brook within the jurisdiction of the Town, except for use by Police and municipal agencies.
     You should park in the conservation area and launch at the boat launch and head south along the coast.  About a tenth of a mile there is a house next to the outlet dam.  Continue south to a point of land with a well maintained year-round home.  Across from the point is the largest of two islands.  There are signs of people visiting on the island.
     Travel south and continue in shallow water.  In late summer it becomes almost impassible.  Late Spring and early summer you are able to work your way all the way to Route 202 bridge at Mile 1.0.  Go back north out of this stream.
       At a group of homes turn right up a long another weedy stream to the east.  Again in early seasons you may be able to travel for almost a full mile first passing homes on the south side and forest and wetlands to the north.  The opportunities for viewing wildlife is most excellent.  Blue Heron, White Cranes, Ducks, Geese, and Owls are all possible.  Small mammals like fishers, mink, sunk, raccoon, etc. are also possible
       Return north along a wooded shoreline and pass opposite a small island at about mile 3.0.  Following the  shore line north and east passing forested land until you finally arriving back at the boat launch.


Skill Level:            Class 1 - Flat water
Estimated Time:    1.5 hours
Total Distance       3.7 miles
USGS Map: Belchertown, MA (7.5’x15’)
Launch Address:  20 School St, Granby, MA 01033

Boat Launch: Car top launch near beach.
Position:  42-16.52 N 72-28.23 W
Physical Features:
  • Area:                 68 acres
  • Max depth:          6 feet
  • Average Depth:   5 feet
  • Transparency:     2 feet
  • Terrain Type: Wooded, State Forest, Homes
Fish Population
  • Last survey 1980
  • 11 species:  pumpkinseeds, bluegill, bullhead, black crappie, largemouth bass, white suckers and creek chubsuckers. The dominant predator is the chain pickerel. 
Put In and Take Out: 8.4 miles, 16 min.
From US Route 90 (Mass. Turnpike) take exit 7, Ludlow:
  • At the end of the ramp turn right at the stoplight on route 21 North.
  • At mile 0.8, turn left on Rood Road, just past Randall’s Farm. It will become Fuller Road.
  • At the end, mile 3.3, turn right on West Street.
  • At mile 4.0, turn right on Brook Street/Taylor Street.
  • At mile 4.4, turn right on Carver Street
  • At mile 4.8, bear left on Chicopee Street. It later becomes School Street.
  • Cross Route 202, and continue on to School Street.  Pass the McDuffy School on your left.
  • At mile 8.4, the unimproved boat launch at Emily & Joseph Partyka Conservation Area is just past the dam on your right.

State Pond Map
 MacDuffie School 
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        MacDuffie students hail from as far away as Thailand and Mainland China and as near as Amherst and Belchertown in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

MacDuffie School
Forge Pond Dam
Forge Pond Boat Launch
A Lazy Day for Fishing!