Deerfield River Reach 14  

Last Updated: 7/2018
Bardwells Ferry Bridge to Stillwater Bridge
          I typically paddle Reaches 14 and 15 together.  I have made this paddle many times and is one of my summer favorites.

           One thing to remember!  This reach is rather isolated with steep banks of thick woods.  If you need help, you will probably have to paddle to the end and get out at the Stillwater Bridge.

Climb down the steep trail with your boat. Make sure everything is tied in and you are wearing you're PDF.  You start with a rush!
  • Mile 11.4 - Launch just above the  bridge into Class II or I water depending on the river level. Just a short distance and you are out of it.
  • Mile 11.4 to 8.6 - For the next 2.8 miles the river is a beautiful ride.  The forest rises steeply on both side and is almost impenetrable.  There are no homes near the river and only railroad tracks are visible on you’re left.  In an emergency, continue down the river to the take-out.  I absolutely love this section.    
  • Mile 8.6 - There is a short stretch of Class II as the river turns left.
  • Mile 8.1 - Just as the river turns right there is a small sandy island on you're left.  This has been a popular place to swim and sun bathe.
  • Mile 7.9 - Pass under the Stillwater bridge keeping right for the take-out just down river.

Skill Level:            Class 1 & 2 (high water 3 in parts)
Estimated Time:    1 hour
Distance:               3.6 miles
USGS Map: Greenfield, MA (7.5’x15’)
[1] Bardwells Ferry Bridge - Mile 11.4
Position: 42-33.32 N 72-40.70 W
Boat Launch:
Car Top launch under the bridge.  Park on siding just off of the bridge.  Carry down steep trail.  Make sure everything is tied in secure before launching.
Nearest Launch Address:  
615 Bardwells Ferry Rd, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370
Put-In Directions (8.3 miles, 14 minutes):
From Exit 26 Interstate 91 towards Greenfield Ctr./North Adams
  1. Follow around the rotary and head on Route 2 West toward North Adams
  2. At mile 4.5, turn left onto Greenfield Road.
  3. At mile 4.7, keep right to continue on Zerah Fiske Rd.
  4. At mile 6.9, merge onto Bardwells Ferry Road.
  5. At about mile 7.9 the road drops and then crosses a railroad track with a sharp left.
  6. Cross over the bridge. Yes it is safe! Park on the right just on the other side of the bridge.
Parking is roadside.
Follow this steep trail down to the Put-In
Bardwell's Ferry Bridge
The Bardwell's Ferry Bridge, built in 1882, is an historic lenticular truss bridge spanning the Deerfield River between the towns of Shelburne andConway in Franklin County, Massachusetts. The bridge is listed on theNational Register of Historic Places.
Bill Cosby's House Entrance
The House
​​[2] Stillwater Bridge - Mile 7.8
Position: 42-31.57 N 72-37.93 W
Boat Launch:
Parking area is small for about 4 vehicles.  Carry down the hill below the bridge for the put-in.
Nearest Launch Address:
229 Stillwater Rd, Deerfield, MA 01342
Put-In Directions (4.7 miles, 8 minutes):
From Exit 24 Interstate 91 towards Deerfield
  1. Follow Route 5 North
  2. At mile 2.2, turn left onto Mill Village Road.
  3. At mile 3.8, turn left onto Stillwater Road.
  4. Pass under Route 91.
  5. Put-In is a pull over with parking just before the right turn on Stillwater Bridge.
Stillwater Bridge.  Park down river of the bridge.