Dean Pond

Last Updated: 5/2017
As of 15 May 2017
Dean Pond Recreation Area will not be opening!
For more information call 508 347-9257
        The largemouth bass population is stunted with few bass being of legal length. There is a scarcity of quality size fish 12 inches or better. There is an abundance of panfish for the young angler, and always the possibility to catch a few trout. Stockings of brook and brown trout are made ever spring and fall. Ice fishermen are a common sight during the winter. There is a minimal amount of trout water present. 


Skill Level:            Class 1 - Flat water
Estimated Time:    1 hour
Total Distance:       0.9 miles
USGS Map:  Monson, MA (7.5’x15’)
Launch Address:  
 110 Dean Pond Rd, Monson, MA 01057
Position:   42-05.95 N 72-16.3.00 W
Boat Launch: There is no formal boat access and its small size and heavy use preclude the use of motor boats. No Car top boats are allowed according to our phone call to the State. (508) 347-9257
Physical Features:
  • Area:                  11 acres
  • Max depth:         10 feet
  • Average Depth:    4 feet
  • Transparency:      5 feet
  • Terrain Type: Homes,City Beach
Fish Population
  • Last survey 1980
  • 8 species: largemouth bass, pumpkinseeds, bluegill, golden shiners, brown bullhead, brook and rainbow trout. 
Put In and Take Out: 8.2 miles, 15 min.
From Exit 8 US Route 90 (Mass. Turnpike) Palmer
  • At the end of the ramp, at the stoplight, turn right on Route 32 South, Thorndike Street.
  • At mile 0.7, at the stoplight, turn left on Route 20 East.
  • At mile 5.8, turn right toward Monson Road. Green sign reads Monson Brimfield State Forest.
  • At mile 6.4, turn left onto Dean Pond Road. Small brown sign for Dean Pond Recreation Area.
  • At mile 8.2, arrive at recreation area.  Turn right into the parking lot.
Brimfield State Forest including
Dean Pond Recreation Area
      This rolling, heavily forested property has over 20 miles of roads and trails and is used primarily for hiking, walking, horseback riding and fishing. Dean Pond Recreation Area, located in the western portion of Brimfield State Forest, has a pavilion, comfort station, 100 linear feet of beach and picnic facilities. The roads are popular for equestrian use and related special events.
       This is a small,  man-made pond located within Brimfield State Forest one mile south of Dingler Dell Road. This is the main park pond and, as such, is heavily used by picnickers and swimmers. There is no formal boat access and its small size and heavy use preclude the use of motor boats. A large beach occupies a section of the east shore. Parking is at the main park parking area about 100 yards from the pond’s edge. The only immediate structure on the shoreline is a park pavilion. A gate fee or DEM season pass is necessary for parking.
      The pond is characterized by brown watercolor. The bottom is soft muck and much of the pond near the dam has been silted in.  Much of the pond is heavily infested with aquatic vegetation. 
           June 2013 the park reopens.  This is the first time since the June 1, 2011 tornado tore through the town on its 39-mile path from Westfield to Charlton.
Brimfield State Forest
Trail Map
State Pond Map
Dean Pond Beach
Picnic Pavilion
The Dam