Connecticut River Reach 15
​Cheshire Bridge to Bellows Falls, VT/North Walpole, NH

Last Updated: 5/2018
[1] Hoyt's Landing, Springfield - Mile 183.4
Position:43-15.63 N 72-25.82 W
       Altitude: 289 feet
      With picnic tables and beautiful park like area, this is an excellent launch.
Nearest Launch Address:  
1260 Charlestown Road, Springfield, VT 05156
Directions (0.5 miles, 3 minutes):
From Interstate 91 Exit 7 Springfield/Route 5:
  1. After getting off the highway, head east on Route 5 North.
  2. At mile 0.5, just before the bridge over the river, turn right at the Hoyt's Landing sign.
  3. Follow the paved road to the parking lot and boat ramp.
Turn right down this road to the landing area.
The boat ramp is good for all types of boats.

Skill Level:            Class 1 
Estimated Time:    3 hours
Paddle Distance:   8.9 miles 
Reach Distance:  10.2 miles
USGS Map:  Springfield, VT-NH, Bellows Falls, VT-NH
Williams River Enters - Mile 176.8
         Enters from River-Right on the Vermont side.
[4] Lower Meadow Campground - Mile 176.2
Position: 43-10.00 N 72-26.90 W
       Altitude: 289 feet
  (River-Left) River access only for nonmotorized boats.  Primitive camping.  Limited to one night stay, no fires.  Call power company for more information: 802 291-8104
Nearest Launch Address:  
No access from the shore.​​
[5] Bellows Falls Dam - Portage - Miles 174.5 - 173.2
       Take-Out: 43-08.53 N 72-27.10 W
       Altitude: 289 feet
       Put- In: 43-07.75 N 72-26.29 W
       Altitude: 223 feet
Take Out above dam on river right (west) side  above the barrier. 
Follow the ramp way up to Governor Hunt Road.  Follow the portage signs along the river.
 Put in on beach below the dam across from the Tavern.
Nearest Launch Address:  
Take-Out: 11 Pine Street, North Walpole, NH 03609 ‎
Put-In: 960 New Hampshire Route 12, Walpole, NH 03608
Put-In Directions (10.9 miles, 15 minutes):
From Interstate 91 Exit 28 to Route 10 toward Northfield/Greefield:
  1. After getting off the highway, head north on Route 10.
  2. At mile 2.5, turn left onto Route 142 North.
  3. At mile 6.5 you enter the state of Vermont.
  4. At mile 10.8, turn right onto Governor Hunt Road.
  5. The dam will come into view quickly.  At mile 10.9, turn right onto a sandy road that goes to a beach.  If you have an ordinary car, you may want to park on the road and carry the short distance in to the water.
A Close up of the Portage
The Take-Out above the barrier - River Left.  This is the Pine Street Boat Launch.
Follow the New Hamshire side as seen on the map above for 1.5 miles
The river drops 66 feet.  This launch area has plenty of parking.
Black River enters the Connecticut River -Mile 183.4
         Enters from River-Right on the Vermont side.
[2] Charlestown Picnic Area & Boat Launch - Mile 181.0
Position: 43-13.72 N 72-25.93 W
       Altitude: 289 feet
  Car top boat only. The ramp is blocked preventing trailer launching.    
Nearest Launch Address:  
170 Lower Landing Road, Charlestown, NH 03603
Directions (3.2 miles, 7 minutes):
From Interstate 91 Exit 7 Springfield/Route 5:
  1. At the end of the exit ramp, head east on Route 5 North
  2. Ar mile 0.5, continue straight onto Route 11 East over the river.
  3. At mile 1.4, at a stop sign, turn right onto Route 12A South/Main Street.
  4. Pass through the center of town and at mile 2.7, turn right onto Lower Landing Road.
  5. At mile 3.2, arrive at the end of the road and the launch.
The picnic area and parking is gravel.
The boat ramp is for car top boats only.
[3] Herrick Cove Picnic Area & Boat Launch - Mile 177.4
Position: 43-10.89 N 72-26.65 W
       Altitude: 289 feet
      This area has picnicing, boating, fishing, and even hiking trails.  This park area is great for a break for travelers.
Nearest Launch Address:  
42 Herricks Cove Rd, Rockingham, VT 05101

IF TRAVELING NORTH - Directions ( 2.8 miles, 6 minutes):
From Interstate 91 Exit 6 Rockingham/Rutland:
  1. Take exit 6 for Route 5 toward Rockingham/Route 103/Rutland
  2. At mile 0.4, at a stop sign, turn left onto Route 5 North/Rockingham Road
  3. At mile 1.2, turn right onto Route 5 North
  4. At mile 2.0, turn right onto Herricks Cove Road.
  5. At mile 2.8, arrive at launch area.

IF TRAVELING SOUTH - Directions (2.0 miles, 5 minutes):
From Interstate 91 Exit 6 Rockingham/Rutland:
  1. Take Exit 6 for Route 103 toward Route 5 / Rockingham / Bellows Falls.
  2. At mile 0.2, turn right onto Route 103 South (signs for US 5)
  3. At mile 0.5, at the flashing yellow light, turn left onto Route 5 North.
  4. At mile 1.2, turn right onto Herricks Cove Road.
  5. At mile 2.0, arrive at launch area.
This area is closed a 8 p.m.
Easy launching for all types of boats.