Connecticut River Reach 13
Wilder Dam to Cornish-Windsor Bridge

Last Updated: 8/2018
[1] Wilder Dam Portage - Miles 216.9 - 216.7
       Take-Out: 42-40.06 N 72-18.11 W
       Altitude: 378 feet
       Put- In:  42-39.94 N 72-18.25 W
       Altitude: 325 feet
       Altitude Drop: 53 feet
You can park a vehicle either across from the Take-Out or across from the Dam access area. The portage protects you from the road by using a long grassy area and access road.  Follow the portage signs.  Always be aware of changing river levels, especially below the dam.
Nearest Launch Address:  
255 North Main Street, Lebanon, NH 03784
Put-In Directions (2.9 miles, 7 minutes):
From Interstate 91 Exit 12 toward Route 5/Wilder:
  1. After getting off the highway, head southeast on Bugbee Street.
  2. At mile 0.3, at a stop sign, turn right onto Hartford Avenue.
  3. At mile 1.2, at a stop light, turn left onto Maple Street and cross over the Connecticut River into New Hampshire.
  4. At mile 1.6, at a stop light, turn left onto North Main Street.
  5. At mile 2.9, arrive at the dam.  Park across the street from the river.
A Close up of the Portage
The Take-Out above the barrier on the grass - River Left.
​Walk along the grassy area toward the dam as seen here.
Follow the portage signs carrying onto the paved area seen here.
Continue onto this gravel road and around this gate.
Follow the portage signs below the dam as seen here.
The exact Put-In depends on the river level.

Skill Level:            Class 1 
Estimated Time:    5 hours
Paddle Distance:   15.8 miles 
Reach Distance:  15.8 miles
USGS Map:  Hanover VT-NH, Northern Hartland VT-NH, Hartland VT-NH, Windsor VT-NH​​
[4] Burnap's Island Campsite - Mile 210.4
  • Position: 43-35.50 N 72-20.50 W
  • Owned by: The Town of Plainfield and is maintained by Upper Valley Land Trust staff and volunteers.
  • Capacity: 8 campers.
  • Amenities: Cleared tent site, box privy, grill.
[5] Summer Falls Portage - Mile 207.5 - 207.3
       Take-Out: 43-34.05 N 72-22.80 W
       Altitude: 315 feet
       Put- In:  43-33.95 N 72-22.85 W
This falls can area can be run most of the year.
It is a Class 2 to 3 rapids.  When the river is low it is only a Class 1.  To run it, follow the main channel and it will take you right through.  If you are unsure you can pull over and scout or you can portage around.

To portage:
  • Take-Out above the falls on River-Right.
  • Follow the trail up to the dirt road.
  • Follow the road south until it ends at a small gravel beach.
  • Put-In at the small beach where there is parking and plenty of room to launch.
Nearest Launch Address:  
404 US-5, Hartland, VT 05048
Put-In Directions (3.5 miles, 6 minutes):
From Interstate 91 Exit 9 for Route 5 and Route12 toward 
  1. At the end of the exit ramp, turn onto Route 5 North and Route 12 North.
  2. At mile 1.0, in the middle of Hartland, go right to stay on Route 5 North.
  3. At mile 3.4, turn right onto an unmarked dirt road into some woods.  If you see a metal yellow gate you're on the right road.
  4. Follow this dirt road to the end where you will see the river.
A Close up of the Portage
The Take-Out on the grass and rock area - River-Right.
​If you decide to run the falls just follow the main channel.
Follow the trail up to the dirt road.  There is a small portage.
Follow this dirt road to a lower beach and cove.
Launch your boat(s) as seen here.
Railroad Bridge - Mile 200.2

         Chase Island was purchased by the Connecticut River Watershed Council (CRWC) to prevent exploitation of its gravel resources.  The CRWC then sold the property to New Hampshire Fish and Game in 1971 for permanent protection.  Funding was provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service Dingell-Johnson Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Program.
            Chase Island WMA can only be reached by boat.
            Overnight camping is prohibited.

Unnamed Island - Mile 196.8
[2] Lyman Point Park Access - Mile 215.5
Position: 43-38.98 N 72-18.97 W
       Altitude: 325 feet
This little park marks the junction where the White River enters the Connecticut River. This is for car top boat launching only. You can walk right down to the river at several places in the small park.
Nearest Launch Address:  
171 Bridge Street, White River Junction, VT 05001
Directions ( 1.4 miles, 4 minutes):
​From Interstate 91 Exit 12 toward Route 5/Wilder:
  1. After getting off the highway, head southeast on Bugbee Street.
  2. At mile 0.3, at a stop sign, turn right onto Hartford Avenue.
  3. At mile 1.2, at a stop light, turn left onto Maple Street
  4. At mile 1.4, turn right just before the bridge over the Connecticut River.
  5. Go to the back of the parking lot and park to access the park.
This is a pleasant little park right in town.
There are several places where you can carry down to the river.
Hart Island - Mile 204.5 - River-Right owned by New Hampshire
[6] Burnham Meadow Campsite - Mile 203.5
  • Position: 43-30.65 N 72-23.92 W
  • Located next to Path of Life Sculpture Garden
    36 Park Road, Windsor, VT 05089
    Open today 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Maintained by: UVLT staff and volunteers.
  • Capacity: Suitable for large groups.
  • Amenities: Cleared tent site, box privy, fire ring, picnic table.
[7] Cornish Boat Landing - Mile 201.1
Position: 43-28.83 N 72-22.76 W
       Altitude: 305 feet
   This is for car top boat launching only. This conservation area and small park has parking for about six vehicles.
Do not be tempted to try and launch by trailer.  You will get stuck!
Nearest Launch Address:  
729 NH-12A, Cornish, NH 03745
Directions ( 4.5 miles, 8 minutes):
From Interstate 91 Exit 8 Ascutney/Windsor:
  1. At the end of the ramp, turn east toward onto Route 131 East.
  2. At mile 0.4, at a stop light, continue onto Route 12 South crossing over the river.
  3. At mile 1.3, at a stop light, turn right onto Jarvis Hill Road.  It later becomes River Road.
  4. At mile 4.3, turn right onto Ferry Landing Road.
  5. Follow the road to the very end at mile 4.5.
Easy access to this gravel parking area and launch.
A view looking down river at the covered bridge.
Railroad Bridge -          Mile 215.3
Interstate 89 Bridges - Mile 214.0
Johnston Island -         Mile 213.4
         The first grave in the town of Lebanon was that of Michael Johnston who was drowned while canoeing down the Connecticut River, June 1762. His body was discovered by another river traveler and was buried on “Deadman’s Island” in the river, later called Johnston’s Island.
[3] Blood's Brook Access - Mile 211.8
Position: 43-36.38 N 72-19.60 W
       Altitude: 319 feet
To access the river, park in the loop area of the road.  Climb down to the delta gravel area that has formed from Blood's Brook over the many years.  Launch here.
Nearest Launch Address:  
415 North Plainfield Road, Lebanon, NH 03784
Directions ( 1.4 miles, 4 minutes):
​From Interstate 91 take the exit onto I-89 South toward Airport/New Hampshire:
  1. At mile 0.9, take exit 20 for Route 12A South toward Claremont.
  2. At mile 1.2, at a stop light, turn right onto Route 2A South/North Plainfield Road.
  3. At mile 1.8, turn right at the brown sign that reads "Wildlife Management Area Lebanon NH"
  4. Follow the dirt road straight to the river access.
Look for this sign and turn into the access area.
This is a view of the gravel delta formed by Blood's Brook.