Lake Monomonac

Last Updated: 3/2018
        The fishery at Monomonac Lake does not appear to be one of our more impressive ones. During the sampling large bass (12 inches or better) were scarce to say the least. Almost all species are exhibiting less than average growth. A lack of good hiding cover for bass and pickerel might account for this. These predators will utilize whatever is available, so do not hesitate to fish around man-made structures such as docks and boats.
       Lake Monomonac is an interstate fishing pond and comes under the jurisdiction of New Hampshire fishing laws. However, persons duly licensed to fish in Massachusetts or New Hampshire may fish this 592-acre lake.  


       Recreational use includes boating, water skiing, swimming and fishing. 
       Lake Monomonac is an artificial lake that straddles the border between Rindge, New Hampshire, and Winchendon, Massachusetts, in the United States. It was created from a small pond in New Hampshire by the construction of dams on the North Branch of the Millers River, a part of the Connecticut River watershed.

Skill Level:  Class 1 - Flat water
Estimated Time:    4.5 hour
Distance around lake:  12.7 miles

Nearest Address:  
{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DStartFragment%2D%2D%3E {cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DEndFragment%2D%2D%3E1207 US-202, Rindge, NH 03461
Position:  42-42.87 N 72-00.91 W
USGS Map:  Ashburnham, MA and Winchendon, MA
The state line Marina on Route 202 has the only access available at this time. It's across from the fireworks factory.

Physical Features:
  • Area:  594 acres
    • ​183 acres in Massachusetts
    • 411 acres in New Hampshire
  • Max depth:         19 feet
  • Average Depth:    8 feet
  • Transparency:      9 feet
  • Terrain Type: Wetland, Woods, Homes, islands
Fish Population
  • Last survey 1979
  • 13 species:  Gamefish present include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and chain pickerel. Yellow perch, white perch, black crappie, bluegills, pumpkinseeds, brown bullheads and yellow bullheads compose the panfish fauna, while other indigenous species include golden shiners, white suckers, lake chubsuckers and fallfish. 

Put-In/Take-Out Directions ( 14 miles, 20 minutes):
From Exit 19 of Route 2  for Route 2A & Route 202 North toward Phillipston/Winchendon

  1. Head northeast on Route 202 North.
  2. At mile10.1, turn left onto Central Street (Still on Route 202 North).
  3. At mile 10.5, turn right onto Pond Street (Still on Route 202 North).
  4. Continue to follow Route 202 to the New Hampshire Border.
  5. At mile 13.7, arrive at the boat ramp next to Food Mart Convience Store on your right.
Monomonac Lake Property Owners Association

      Monomonac Lake Property Owners Association (MLPOA) exists to help protect the health of Lake Monomonac. The volunteers at MLPOA work hard to protect the health of our lake and in turn our property values. How can you be a part of the right choice? The answer is through Membership, Knowledge and Vigilance.

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