Farmington River Reach 6

Last Updated: 6/2018
 Satan's Kingdom Recreation Area to
                                         Collinsville Upper Dam
      This is one of our favorite river trips.  Put aside three hours for paddling, one hour delay for gazing at fish and wildlife, and one hour for ferrying vehicles.
Mile 56.9 - Start you paddle below the Goodwin Dam at the rock.  If you are paddling this for the first time, consider putting in at the very popular location in Riverton.  This will take off 1.8 miles from your trip.
        You should already have experience paddling on rivers for this trip.  We say this because there are several Class 2 rapids.  For the experienced it makes it fun adding interest to this paddle.  Make sure everything is tied in your boat so that if you flip over, getting wet will only be a fun inconvience.

Mile 45.6 - Take out at Satan's Kingdom State Recreation Area.
WARNING: If you are not prepared to handle a Class 3 rapid, then don't continue past this point throught SATANS KINDOM RAPIDS.
Skill Level:            Class 1 & Class 2
Estimated Time:   1.5 to 2 hours
Reach Distance:  4.5 miles
USGS Map: New Hartford, CT, Collinsville, CT
[2] Satan's Kingdom Rapids - Mile 45.25 W
Position: 41-51.15 N 72-57.40 W
{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DStartFragment%2D%2D%3EAltitude: 348 feet{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DEndFragment%2D%2D%3E
Boat Launch:

To scout the river, driver to the very end of the state recreation area and park.  There is a trail that runs under the Route 44 bridge and along the steep bank on river-right. The walk is about ten minutes each way.  You will need to wear walking shoes as the trail is rugged.  Flip-Flops are a bad idea.
YouTube video of the Rapids
A view looking from under the Route 44 bridge.
This Class 3 rapid can look very different when the river is low.
A life guard is on duty on summer days.
This is provided by the Farmington River Tubing company.
After the rapid is a pool and then the river is calm for miles.
A Little History
      Satan's Kingdon comes from the lawlessness of a local population composed of prisoners and people rejected from other areas who lived here during the late 1700s. The lands extending west of the Satan's Kingdom gorge area are referred to as "Satan's Kingdom Village".
[1] Satan's Kingdom State Recreation Area -
                                                                       Mile 45.6
Position: 41-51.45 N 72-57.50 W
Altitude: 350 feet
Boat Launch:
State Boat Launch for all types of boats.  University Crew boats also launch from here.  Parking is competitive because of the bicycle trail users.
Nearest Launch Address:
92 Main Street, New Hartford, CT 06057
Put-In/Take-Out Directions ( 8.1 miles 12 minutes)
From the intersection of Route 44 and Route 8 in Winsted, CT
  1. Head southeast on South Main Street/Route 44 East.
  2. Continue on Route 44 East with occasion views of the Farmington River.
  3. At mile 8.0, turn left into Satans Kingdom State Recreation Area.
Turn at this sign off of Route 44
Drive the complete length of the parking lot past the Tubing area.
Walk your car top boat to the river as seen here.
[3] Tubing Take-Out - Mile 43.4
Position: 41-50.30 N 72-55.95 W
Altitude: 314 feet
Boat Launch:
This area has been paved with arrows for buses that pick up tubers in the Summertime.  Blue Buses line up.  Do not use this as a take-out.  Instead, go to the next pullover about 50 yards down river.
Nearest Launch Address:
499 Albany Turnpike Canton, CT 06019
Put-In/Take-Out Directions ( 8.1 miles 12 minutes)
From the intersection of Route 44 and Route 8 in Winsted, CT
  1. Head southeast on South Main Street/Route 44 East.
  2. At mile 3.6, turn left onto Route 318 East.
  3. Cross over the river and at mile 4.4, turn right into the access area.
Turn into this state access area on the east side of the bridge.
Bring your car top boat down to this flat area below the bridge.
[5] Collinsville Upper Dam Portage - Mile 21.1 to 21.0
       Take-Out: 41-48.62 N 72-55.59 W
       Altitude: 282 feet
       Put- In: 41-48.58 N 72-55.55 W
       Altitude: 268 feet
Take out above the dam barrier on river right where Bradley Brook enters the river.  Follow along the river around the dam.  Put-In below the dam at a gravel beach.
Nearest Launch Address:  
49 Bridge Street, Canton, CT 06019
Put-In Directions (9.6 miles, 16 minutes):
From the Mass Pike Exit 3, Westfield, MA:
  1. At the end of the ramp, turn right at the stop light.
  2. Head southwest on Southampton Road toward Westfield center on Route 202 South.
  3. At mile 1.5, turn right onto Franklin Street, Route 20 West, toward Russell/Pittsfield.
  4. At mile 9.3, turn right onto Old Westfield Road before the center of Russell.
  5. At mile 9.5, turn right onto Grove Street.
  6. Park and walk into the woods at the end of the street down to the river near the dam.
A Close up of the Portage
The Take-Out above the dam - on river-right. 
Follow the narrow trail up the bank and over the guard rail.
The river drops 14 feet over the dam.
Cross the busy intersection to this building.
Follow the steep narrow trail here to the Put-In below the dam.